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What is microcurrent therapy?

Microcurrents are very gentle, low frequency pulsed electrical currents in the millionth of an amp range.  Microcurrent is the inherent electrical charge of the body’s brainwave and heartbeat.  Treatment with microcurrent is sub-sensational, meaning that the current resides below what the sensory nerves detect.  Just as we do not feel the electrical charge in our brain and heart, we do not feel microcurrent when applied as therapy.  


Microcurrent therapy is not the same as electro-stim acupuncture (EA) or the milliamp electrical stimulation therapy used in physical therapy and muscle reaction tests.



The Acupuncture-Meridian System:  The Body’s Bio-circuitry

All body functions are governed by electrical systems.  This is why an electrocardiogram (EKG) is such a valuable and reliable diagnostic tool.  The wavy lines of the EKG reveal the heart’s activity, its energy patterns, and thus, its functional status.  Likewise, when an EMG, EEG, MRI, CT or PET scan is performed, the body’s energy patterns are being recorded.


The electrical systems of the human body include muscle contractions & relaxations, nerve function, digestion, glandular secretions, brain activity, bone & tissue healing & regeneration, pain perception and so much more.   Our body constantly generates internal electrical currents in many ways.  These include cellular respiration (the Krebs cycle), organ function and piezoelectricity.


Piezoelectricity is the release of electrical charges when tissues such as bone, fascia and the inner wall of veins are stretched or deformed.  When the Liver (as defined by Chinese medicine) and other organs are functioning well, this bioelectricity is smoothly circulated throughout the body.  When the Liver is not performing its biotransformation duties well, energy circulation is uneven or retarded, and areas of excessive polarized charge build up in the body.  This is a major cause of pain and disease, referred to as Qi Stagnation in Oriental medicine.


By way of the meridian system acupuncture therapy can access these congested areas and initiate a release and balancing of polarization,  just as lightening is the release of polarized fields in clouds.  While there is no question that traditional methods of needle acupuncture are highly effective in correcting polarities of the body’s electrical fields, utilizing gentle microcurrent or color light stimulation of acupuncture points can, in many cases, facilitate a deeper and more profound rebalancing of energy patterns.  


The Science of Micro-current & Color Light Acu-Therapy

Written in collaboration with Dr. Darren Starwynn, LAc., OMD, Energy Medicine Researcher

The Body Electric

Science has discovered that living cells contain elements and membrane structures allowing cells to function as integrated electrical circuits. The many electrical systems of the human body are exquisitely sensitive to a variety of internal and external stimulaton.


Scientists Nordenstrom of Sweden, Ionescu-Tirgoviste of Romania and Manaka of Japan each measured the ways bioelectricity polarizes in the body leading to pain and disease and how acupuncture can correct this excessive polarization.  Mussat of France measured the specific electrical characteristics of various metal acupuncture needles when inserted into the body.   The exacting and fascinating research of Voll of Germany charted the spectrum of electrical frequencies of the body’s tissues and organs, identifying the low frequencies that resonate with specific acupuncture points and meridians.  


Subtle electrical signals are transported long distances throughout the body without losing strength, an activity called semi-conduction.  Eastern European researcher Szent-Gyorgyi was the first to point out that the human body semi-conducts bioelectricity by passing information along chains of protein molecules.  The fascia network, the web-like tissue interconnecting all parts of the body, has strong semi-conductive properties.  The fascia is the likely primary substrate of the acupuncture meridian system where the acupuncture points serve as ‘electrical sub-stations.’  Further research documents that light energy also communicates through the fascia network.

Body of Light

Light therapies have been used to energize and rebalance the body’s energy systems since ancient times.  In ancient Egyptian and Greek temples, prisms were reputedly used to refract sunlight into therapeutic colors.  Currently, modern medicine recognizes the applications of light therapy for various dermatological conditions, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), jet lag and depression.  Light is a powerful healing modality because, as science confirms, the cells of our body emit weak bursts of light in communication with each other.  


Reseacher James Oschman, PhD. states, “It is proposed that light stimulates the flow of solitons which are waves of energy and information that travel rapidly through the complex protein fabric of the body.  The flow of solitons opens gates and switches and organizes dynamic living matrix pathways.  Cells can then ‘whisper’ to each other using their own languages.  These whisperings orchestrate the repair of traumas of all kinds.”


In a striking experiment, Russian researcher Professor Kaznachejew proved that light flows through our meridian system.  He focused a beam of light on various points on the skin.  Using a photomultiplier device, he observed light emanating from distant, nonilluminated points.  His work concluded that light beamed into acupuncture points will propagate through known meridian pathways, but that this phenomenon does not occur between areas not connected by meridians.  It appears the acupuncture meridian system acts in the same way as fiber-optic communication systems within the physical substrate of the body’s fascia network.

The specific therapeutic effects of each color of light have been rigorously documented by researchers Dinshah Ghadiali of the U.S. and Peter Mandel of Germany.  External trauma, toxicity and psychological stresses create an imbalance and incoherence of information in our bodies.

Delivering appropriate colored light stimulation via the acupuncture meridian system is a way to introduce pure information to restore energetic coherence.  For example, orange light activates joy, relieves spasms & congestion and aids calcium metabolism.  Yellow light stimulates the lymphatic system and improves digestion while blue light decreases inflammation & relieves pain.  The color green stimulates the pituitary gland exerting a profound homeostatic & balancing effect on the body.


Delivering appropriate colored light into the acupuncture meridian system through acupuncture points is an efficient and therapeutic way to introduce pure information to the body’s cells.  By restoring energetic coherence & balance, the intelligence of our body’s innate healing response is set in motion.


The photon energy of color light is measured in wavelengths rather than frequency.  Colors in the light spectrum range from the longest and warmest wavelength: infared & red, to the shortest and coolest: violet & ultraviolet.  The color light used in non-needle acu-light therapy is gentle incoherent light.  The opposite of this is laser light, a coherent light beam.  Laser’s penetrating & intense nature is due to its coherent focus.  Both forms of light, color and laser, have therapeutic value when applied appropriately & skillfully.

Body of Color

Frequency Specific Microcurrent - FSM

When tissue cells are traumatized, imbalanced or diseased, the frequency of their electrons and photons become disrupted.  Consequently, functionality and homeostasis is disordered.  


As a therapy, microcurrent has long been used for pain management, rehabilitation and wound healing.  In 1910 electromagnetic therapies were used with great success by 50% of U.S. physicians.  Unfortunately, by 1935 microcurrent therapies were essentially banned due to rising pharmaceutical interests establishing itself as the Gold Standard treatment of western medicine.  


In 1995 Dr. Carolyn McMakin, D.C. began in earnest using frequency protocols handed down to her from a retired Canadian osteopath.  Through effort and astute clinical observation she resurrected dozens of treatment protocols.  Over the ensuing years Dr. McMakin has expanded the applications of FSM, established clinical research and formally teaches FSM to other innovative health care providers.  


Since 2005 Debi Weiss LAc., RN has studied and trained with both Dr. Darren Starwynn and Dr. Carol McMakin.  These studies have dramatically impacted how Debi approaches Traditional Chinese Medicine as she now frequently combines acupuncture and FSM in her treatments.  Through her clinical work she has established a dynamic East-West treatment approach grounded in the time honored experience and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the modern scientific insight of Functional Medicine.


Transition To Health specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine, frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) and color light acu-therapy.